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Daily flights to Whitehorse, Yukon. & Dawson City, Old Crow, and Inuvik. Travel to Whitehorse Yukon. Daily flights. Book flight online & save. Tailored Travel Itinerary. Dependable Aircraft. In-flight meal. Great Services. Destinations: Calgary, Dawson City.

Formed in 2014, Chieftain Energy LP is a partnership between Air North, Yukon’s Airline, and a growing group of First Nation businesses. Chieftain was founded on the belief that the North does not generate enough benefit from its current energy supply chain, with most energy companies that service the North being based in the South. Chieftain was borne to make Whitehorse, Yukon an energy hub, with plans to expand services throughout communities in Yukon, NWT, and Northern B.C. In 2017, Chieftain grew through the acquisition of the Northern Operation of an Alberta-based energy company, expanding its fleet and acquiring a wealth of trade knowledge relating to safety and operations. Since the acquisition, Chieftain has spread its wings across the North, working with key Business Partners to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable energy service.

Serving the North
Our business is not limited to any specific energy forms; our mandate is to help the North progress its energy future through an innovative approach with a firm commitment to safety, operational excellence, and customer experience.

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