The KPMA encourages ALL Yukoners to provide feedback on the draft strategy. WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP in supporting our comments. This is a numbers game and the deck is staked against us. Have your say! Let the Panel know what you think, and if you support the KPMA’s submission, let them know that too.



If you’re lost for words, we have a suggested letter to copy and paste into a word document to be uploaded. It has to be completed Monday Feb 22nd by 4:30pm Yukon Time (which is 3:30 BC time). EVERY VOICE COUNTS.

Dear Mineral Development Strategy Panel;

I am writing to express my disappointment in the draft Yukon Mineral Development Strategy and Recommendations, which are based on concepts of reconciliation and not the development of mineral resources achieving a robust and healthy mining industry. I believe reconciliation is important and deserves full attention of the Yukon Government but should be looked at holistically, not specific to mining. 

I know many miners participated in the engagement process through surveys and comments made through the KPMA’s submissions, and that the KPMA visited people at their mines to make sure their voices were heard. I do not want a war of letter writing but for the message from the KPMA to be given the weight of the membership they represent – miners, service and supply businesses and other supporters of this key industry.

I want to see less red tape, less government involvement, more clarity and transparency, and shorter timelines. You have recommended in your draft more government, more taxes, and more windows for consultation which undoubtedly will create longer timelines. The draft Mineral Development Strategy has failed the placer industry. Please do a better job considering placer mining and the priorities and concerns of the industry as you finalize this draft.

I support the comments that will be provided by the KPMA regarding the Mineral Development Strategy.