The Klondike Placer Miner’s Association was proud to attend the International Association for Impact Assessment‘s recent conference in Vancouver, BC, May 4th through 7th. Co-authors Justine Knox and Dr. Nicole Wright from EcoFish Research, and KPMA’s Brooke Rudolph, gave a joint presentation titled “KPMA’s Wetland Classification Handbook to Improve Confidence in Impact Assessment“. The presentation was given at a panel on “Online IA processes for sustainable development: Building relationships and collaboration” based on the Wetland Classification Handbook the KPMA and EcoFish Research developed in 2021.

The Wetland Classification Handbook (Handbook) is supported by video modules in KPMA 101, an online educational video application, as part of KPMA’s efforts to bring together industry, government, and independent experts to improve placer miners’ confidence in wetland identification. This is a first step working toward broader government and public confidence in proponent-led impact assessment and building greater certainty in impact assessment (IA) processes and decisions on placer operations in the Yukon.

In an effort to remain unbiased and transparent, the Wetland Classification Handbook was peer reviewed by experts at the Yukon Government’s Department of Environment, as well as by staff at Ducks Unlimited Canada. The submitted paper created for the IAIA conference and can be downloaded here, and was peer reviewed by staff at Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in.