The election of board of directors at our AGM September 6th resulted in a few changes. Let’s start with a big thank you to retiring President Mike McDougall for all your hard work over your many years as President of the KPMA, we’re grateful you’ve decided to stay on as a Director! And let’s all please welcome incoming President Will Fellers.

The meeting also saw the retirement of Dan Caley and the election of Mark Mather to the board, as well as Neil Loveless’ appointment to the role of Vice President for the next year .

The 2019-2020 Board of Directors is as follows:
Will Fellers – President
Neil Loveless – Vice President
Lisa Favron – Secretary/Treasurer
Mike McDougall – Past President
Kyle Bruce – Director
Mike Heisey – Director
Mark Mather – Director
Pascal McBurney – Director
Stuart Schmidt – Director